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Pooches paraded on Port Elliot tea towels

The Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Association will promote itself and the local dog park by selling tea towels that feature 60 local dogs. Association member Ruth Miller said the tea towels are a great way to promote the group's work in the community.

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Fundraising Ideas

This book is written to assist those planning a fund-raising event, especially for those new to fund-raising, to share hints and ideas to help lead them around some of the pitfalls. Although tackling a fundraising event seems a daunting task to many, Molly Russell’s light hearted approach shows that with careful planning, a little hard work and a good sense of humour - fundraising can be fun! This book contains a wealth of useful information in an easy-to-read format. .

Creating a Confederate Kentucky

In Creating a Confederate Kentucky, Anne E. Marshall traces the development of a Confederate identity in Kentucky between 1865 and 1925, belying the fact that Kentucky never left the Union. After the Civil War, the people of Kentucky appeared to forget their Union loyalties and embraced the Democratic politics, racial violence, and Jim Crow laws associated with former Confederate states. Marshall looks beyond postwar political and economic factors to the longer-term commemorations of the Civil War by which Kentuckians fixed the state's remembrance of the conflict for the following sixty years.

Pooches paraded on Port Elliot tea towels - The Times (subscription)

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  1. The Port Elliot Town and Foreshore Association will promote itself and the local dog park by selling tea towels that feature 60 local dogs. Association member Ruth Miller said the tea towels are a great way to promote the group's work in the community.
  2. The latest fundraising idea is a tea towel to sell at local festivals, emblazoned with positive affirmations and their logo. Last year, at the town's Cider Fest, they sold water at their stand to raise money and their profile. The Women4Women
  3. Donations of old blankets, sheets and towels will be accepted and distributed to the rescue groups. Information: Jennifer Setlak at 717-243-2031, Photo opportunity. Spirit of Thunder Chrome Angelz Riding Club will host a fundraiser for The Dogs
  1. Our fundraising tea towels are now on sale at John Pounds Centre Official Site reception! £5 each, all proceeds go...
  2. Place your school order by 2nd November 2015 and include your voucher to get 5% off tea towels and bags! #fundraising


The Perfect Cup of Tea-British Style (water, milk, sugar, tea bag)

Sage Tea (sage, honey, lemon, water)

Russian Friendship Tea Mix (allspice, cinnamon, cloves, iced tea, orange, sugar, lemonade mix)

Darjeeling Cranberry, Ginger and Orange Tea Loaf: Fat-Free (brown sugar, currant, tea, cranberries, eggs, syrup, ginger, orange zest, raisins, flour, raisins)


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Tea Towels Fundraising | Fundraising Ideas
Tea Towel Fundraising. Group tea towel projects involve students, produce a wonderful memento and also provide a meaningful present for parents, relatives and special ...

Leavers Hoodies 2014
Further School Fundraising available below. www ... sixth form hoodies, personalised hoodies, Leavers tea towel, ...

Tea Towels

Tea Towels
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Tea Towels

Tea Towels
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tea towels

tea towels
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Margell op shop magic detail
At the local Margell op shop I discovered a fundraising tea towel for the now closed school for 50 cents. Op-shop score! Blogged about here:
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School aims to raise £30,000 for roof repairs
FUNDRAISING activities are planned to pay for essential repairs ... Other ideas include selling tea-towels printed with children's faces and a "Use Your Talents" day. This would take the form of an enterprise activity where children are given £5 ...

Five things you need to know today
Fundraising efforts for the coffee morning have been underway ... Furthermore, an array of stylish, limited edition home products – including a bone china mug, tea towels and an apron – are available in selected M&S homeware departments, with 10 ...

Wellington design student’s lemon tea towels raising money for Starship
Wellington design student Ruby Seeto’s newest fundraising tea towel in collaboration with Wallace Cotton is a gorgeous summery vision of lemons and vines, featuring a simple and fun recipe: “Pink Lemonade for Starship”. But there is a nod to her art ...