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Vacheron Constantin Metiers D'Art Plum Tree and Nightingale Unisex Watch 33222/000R-9517

A human adventure. A voyage through and exploration of an unknown 'great beyond' in which craftsmanship and innovation come together at their zenith. Of this union between the craftsmen of one of the oldest Japanese lacquer companies, Zohiko - headquartered in Kyoto since its founding in 1661 - and Vacheron Constantin - the world's oldest watchmaker, which has been making watches in Geneva without interruption since its beginnings in 1755 - was born a remarkable embodiment of the same core values: the Metiers d'Art - La symbolique des laques collection. The first set explores the theme of long life with 'The Three Friends of Winter' - Saikan no sanyu: the pine tree, bamboo, and the plum tree. This classic trio of the Chinese symbolic system was a very early arrival in Japan, where it is just as popular as in its country of origin. By virtue of their resistance to extreme cold, the 'Three Friends of Winter' have longevity as their primary symbolic meaning. By extension, they are also associated with the loyalty of a friendship that survives the hard times symbolized by winter. From a watchmaking standpoint, the legendary ultra-thin Caliber 1003 has been chosen by Vacheron Constantin to equip this series of timepieces - and more specifically a skeletonized version of the movement crafted in 14-carat white gold. Nonetheless, so as to magnify the overall harmony and to ensure that the maki-e craftsmanship is suitably highlighted, Vacheron Constantin even went so far as to opt for a ruthenium treatment which - by toning down the natural radiance of gold - creates a particularly elegant effect on this model. The sapphire crystals on either side enable one to admire the exceptional finishing, and in particular the bevelling craftsmanship performed in the workshops of the Genevabased Manufacture. Maki-e - which literally means 'sprinkled picture' - is the most sophisticated of all lacquer techniques, designating a decorative operation in which the design is created by delic

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